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Exfoliating Activated Charcoal

Exfoliating Activated Charcoal

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Free your Skin from toxins with our Charcoal Scrub. Helps Unclog Pores & Remove Deeper Impurities Helps Minimize the Appearance of Pores Helps Neutralize Environmental Stressors. Tightens Skin, removes blackheads and dead skin cell. 
Directions:  Use 2 times a week. Thoroughly wet and soften skin with warm water. Gently massage in the scrub in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water. Pat dry. Can be used in the shower or bath.
Warnings: Avoid use on any cuts or delicate areas. Do not exfoliate if the skin is sunburned or irritated for any reason. Be careful not to fall on wet or slippery areas caused by using the scrub. Do not ingest.
Indications: All Natural, Cruelty-Free, Handmade  

Note: Always perform a skin allergy test prior to using any of our skin products.


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