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Lyriah's Wellness & Nutrition Kitchen

Ultimate Healing Turmeric Face & Body Oil

Ultimate Healing Turmeric Face & Body Oil

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** Contains Shea Nut **

Our Ultimate Healing Turmeric Face and Body Oil is formulated with organic ingredients and a blend of essential oils to moisturize and heal irritable, bruised or inflamed skin, dry patches, eczema, acne and aid in fading stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and more.


Directions: Apply to damp skin after shower for moisture retention until product is fully absorbed into the skin. Massage into skin until completely absorbed. 

Botanicals include Calendula, Olive Leaf and Dried

Rose Petals

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, safflower oil, shea nut oil, hemp-oil, moringa, neem, turmeric, raw vitamin E, lemon, tea tree, cloves, rosemary, helichrysum & pomegranate oil. 


Always perform skin test prior to using products.  The above statements were not reviewed by the FDA.

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